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Blick Creative
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From graphic design to print, marketing, photography, video, copywriting, SEO, and website development, Blick can facilitate all of your communication needs. Positive social and environmental impact is integral to our work. We love what we do, and enjoy the challenge and inspiration that comes from creating ways to make your brand, idea or campaign stand out.
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Blick Creative is a full-circle design and communications agency based in Melbourne. We specialise in website design and development, graphic design, PR, copywriting, SEO, social media, photography and print – providing everything you need to communicate and be seen by your audience.

Our clientele are a mix of government, private, corporate and non-profit organisations. We apply passion, flair and a broad skill-set to every campaign and our vast industry experience means we know how to make clients stand out!

The Blick studio is a pool of professional, creative talent with an innovative vision and disciplined work ethic. We’re also committed to making a positive impact through our work, on both the social and environmental state of the community.

Overall, Blick Creative is an inspired team that loves crafting great communications collateral!

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1300 076 691
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30 Peel St. Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
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iCXeed is a business process innovator specialising in contact centre services delivery and CX digital journey orchestration. Operating across the Philippines, our experts uniquely go beyond just delivering good customer service, demonstrating a culture of learning, professional development, process improvement, and customer innovation.
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Our combination of top-tier talent, next-generation technology, a digital-first mindset, continuous learning, and innovation yields our clients:

Up to 70% in labour arbitrage savings
At least a 30% reduction in cost-to-service

We do this so because it gives customers and our clients what they want – a more efficient and optimal customer experience. Helping to achieve this is rewarding for our experts and allows us to shift to more value additive work for our clients such as customer Intelligence, Protection, Attraction, and Conversion. It is here that our experts further deliver up to a 10x return. This distinguishes us significantly from traditional contact centre service providers.

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Kiora Rd, Miranda, NSW 2228