Meet Our CX Experts

Meet CXFocus’s editorial panel of experts. The panel comprises individuals with extensive backgrounds in sales, marketing, customer service, technology and business strategy.  Each individual is a recognised leader in their field of expertise.

As well as providing articles and editorial comment in relation to their chosen topics and areas of expertise, they are available to answer questions and offer advice via email or LinkedIn. Most are also professional speakers and are available for speaking engagements and seminars.

Chris Luxford
senior partner of the Aspire Group

An experienced management and technology sales  consultant focused on go-to-market innovation and business outcomes. Chris loves helping organisations change to create real innovation and realise their strategic goals.

Topics: Sales Innovation, Outcome Based Selling and Growth Strategies

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Anita Bowtell
CEO of InterAct Melbourne

Anita is a leading figure in the Customer Experience and Contact Centre industries. With Interact Melbourne she leads an extensive network of CX and technology professionals and executives.

Topics: Customer Experience and Contact Centres

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Ursula Dauenhauer
Consultant, Business Backstage

Ursula helps small to medium companies to accelerate growth and revenue with their business. For over 20 years now, Ursula has helped numerous companies to grow their revenue streams and maximise customer lifetime value.
Topics: Business growth and Innovation

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Tricia Mikolai
Principal Consultant, Mikolai Consulting,

Tricia has extensive experience people and culture strategy. She is an expert in behavioural economics and how it impacts the customer and employee experience. Currently she is writing a book on behavioral economics.
Topics: Employee and Customer Engagement, Behavioural Economics

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Michel Stutz
Head of Operations Televerde APAC

Michel is an experienced senior manager with 18 year experience in the contact centre industry. He has a reputation of consistently delivering industry leading business performance .

Topics: Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing

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Libby Dale
Co-founder, SmartMeasures.

Libby is passionate about keeping customers happy though  clever technology.  She believes customer churn is something that can be avoided in a way that delivers both happy customers and improves the business bottom line. 

Topics: Digital Customer Engagement and Churn Reduction

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