CCXP Training

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– Customer Centric Culture Training and Certification – CXFocus Subscribers get 30% discount

– Customer Experience Excellence Course – CXFocus Subscribers get 10% discount

Customer Centric Culture Certification

Join us as we launch a NEW Customer Centric Training Program with the MarketCulture Academy this coming March over a 6 week period co-facilitated by Anita Siassios.

The Customer Centric Culture Foundation and Certification Course comprises of 4 self-paced learning modules:

– 4 online instructor-led sessions
– Project submission and knowledge test (Module 5)
– Presentation and certification awards (Module 6)

Upcoming course intake: 14 July

Registration closes: 16 July

Session Dates:

Module 1: Wednesday, 21 July  (3 hours)
Module 2: Wednesday, 28 July (2 hours)
Module 3: Wednesday, 4 August (2 hours)
Module 4: Wednesday, 11 August  (2 hours)
Module 5: Self Paced Tasks – Project Submission Due Friday, 19 August
Module 6: Certification Presentation Meeting Friday, 26 August (1 hour)

Live Sessions Starting Time:

8am – Singapore
10am – Sydney
5pm – San Francisco

Participant Benefits:
1. To receive a foundational understanding of the practices and tools that can shape your companies culture around the customer and move the drivers of customer experience forward in your organisation.

2. To develop a business case for taking the next step in your organisation to strengthen customer culture practices.

3. To gain practical knowledge that you are encouraged to use in your organisation.

4. To widen your influence with colleagues and senior leaders through a credible, proven framework, measurement and action system.

5. To be part of a connected community of customer culture practice professionals from across the world.

6. To see a pathway for you as a professional to gain accredited expertise and higher-level leadership.

Customer Experience Excellence Course

Increase your CX capability & prepare for the CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) accreIditation with CXPA Recognised Training Provider Lynn Hunsaker


The Customer Experience Excellence Course has been designed by Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP, CXPA Recognised Training Provider, CXPA Board Member, Adjunct professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Univeristy Extension.

Subscribers to CXFocus receive a 10%($139.50) discount on enrolment for this course. When registering please use the discount code “CXFocus” to claim your discount

Key learnings:

Gain a thorough understanding of CXPA’s (Customer Experience Professionals Association) body of knowledge, supporting tools, methodologies and frameworks to effectively embed the six competencies:

  1. Customer Centric Culture
  2. Organisational Adaption and Accountability
  3. Customer Experience Strategy
  4. Metrics, Measurement, and ROI
  5. Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
  6. Voice of Customer, Customer Insight and Understanding

Equip you as a CX leader with the fundamental capabilities and expectations required to succeed in your role.

Uplift your CX capabilities to apply holistic customer experience management in your company, minimise inefficiencies, and maximize superior management techniques for customer experience excellence and business growth.

  • A competency topic mastery certificate is issued after you have completed the Topic Mastery scenario questions satisfactorily in each of the 6 modules, verbally or in writing.
  • The practical workshops are spread over 3 weeks giving you the opportunity to reflect, apply, and discuss learnings in the workplace as you progress through the course.
  • To learn more about the Key Outcomes and Course Details visit our website at