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Humind | Discover. Design. Deliver.
We discover, design, and deliver with the human in mind.

Using design thinking and business model innovation, with a pinch of transformation and improvement strategies, we will help you discover and understand human insight and design experiences that deliver change and outcomes for your customers and staff.

Putting the human at the heart of every discussion, we will use design thinking mindsets and methods to create a human-centered approach to designing products, services, and experiences.
Business Description

We help businesses to mature and improve their customer and employee experience with our capabilities.

Fractional CX Team
We help organisations improve their customer experience (CX) by embedding our fractional CX team to provide expert CX insight, strategy, design and delivery.

It's a great way to start or expand your in-house CX capability with access to a broad array of experts with a lower overhead cost. For a fixed amount of time in a given month - often just a handful of days - you can access a breadth of CX skills and capabilities from the collective. We can tailor the team composition to meet your CX maturity, needs and budget.

CX Consulting
We offer a full range of CX consulting services to support you wherever you are on your journey - from discovery, to design to delivery.

Whether you need guidance and support for your CX strategy development, experience design execution support for a specific project, or a hands-on partnership throughout an entire transformation we can help.

We will understand your needs and deliver actionable results based on years of experience, appropriate methodologies, and common sense. We'll make sure you understand our work each step of the way. We want to provide you with practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

CX Coaching
Coaching can unlock potential, lift engagement, and boost the performance of your CX leaders and teams.

Several of our experienced CX collective coach current and emerging CX leaders and team members to develop their skills as experts and to become more confident, authentic CX leaders.

Customer Journey Mapping Training
Customer journey mapping can provide invaluable insights into how customers interact with all aspects of a business - from their first contact to post-purchase follow up. With the right know-how and resources, you'll be equipped to make customer journey mapping a priority in your organisation.

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Brisbane, QLD