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Qualtrics Announces CrossXM

Qualtrics has announced CrossXM, a new product line that aims to give leaders automated insights into how their employee, customer and brand experiences impact one another, helping them identify the actions they can take to drive the biggest impact across their business.

Organisations today understand that employee and customer experiences have become just as important as the products and services they deliver. In fact, research shows that 80% of customers have switched brands because of poor customer experience. However, with shifting business priorities and decreasing budgets, allocating resources across their employee, customer and brand experiences can become a guessing game of competing priorities.

“Leaders instinctively know that engaged employees deliver great products and great customer service, positively impacting their brand’s reputation as well as boosting customer engagement and spend,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics president of products and engineering. “CrossXM gives organisations the ability to predict how employee experience investments will pay off in brand value and customer outcomes, a powerful innovation that will change the way companies prioritise investments in their most important asset—their employees.”

 Boosting employee retention, while driving efficiency for customers

Lumen Technologies, a global enterprise technology platform, found that when their frontline service technicians feel recognised for delivering excellent customer service, they are nine times more likely to resolve customer issues in a single visit. When Lumen realised that there was an opportunity to grow their recognition program, the leadership team took deliberate steps to promote and recognise great customer service within their field organisation. In turn, these insights and actions have helped Lumen save on operational costs and time, as well as keep their workforce more engaged and motivated to stay with the company longer term.

“Our partnership with Qualtrics is so exciting because the data and insights we’re uncovering are helping us drive the right actions and improvements and helping us use our resources to serve the highest outcomes,” said Beth Ard, vice president of customer experience at Lumen Technologies. “It’s been a big win for our customer experience team, and really a win for our entire organisation.”

Qualtrics has automated the labor-intensive, manual process of connecting organisations’ employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) data making it a standard, repeatable practice. Organisations can connect their CX and EX programs using CrossXM today, enabling them to identify which employee experiences have the most impact on the customer experience. 

In early 2023, organisations will also be able to connect their CX and BX programs, identifying specific customer experiences that will most impact brand equity. For example, a rental car company may find that a manual, outdated rental car pickup process is a leading driver for poor customer satisfaction and negative brand perception. In response, the company can take action to digitise the pickup process

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