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Progress partners Software Improvement Group

Progress have announced a partnership with Software Improvement Group (SIG), an independent technology and advisory firm for software quality, security and improvement, to help ensure the long-term maintainability and modernisation of business-critical applications built on the Progress® OpenEdge® platform. 

This collaboration aims to provide OpenEdge customers with automated guidance through Sigrid®, SIG’s software assurance platform, on areas to focus on when addressing technical debt and modernising applications.

Organisations have a persistent need to maintain and modernise their mission-critical business applications. The partnership between Progress and SIG addresses this need by providing a comprehensive overview of the health of users’ applications, offering detailed insights and guidance on all aspects of quality and security. It provides guidance per system to prioritise modernisation efforts and support the execution of software development.

Progress will offer OpenEdge users with access to Sigrid’s powerful capabilities, enabling them to measure the code and architecture quality of their applications, and support the smart modernisation of their OpenEdge applications. OpenEdge customers can proactively address potential issues and extend the longevity of their applications.

“Our partnership with SIG is important as it provides a unique opportunity to extend the value that OpenEdge provides by offering greater insight into the quality of the application code supporting mission-critical applications that our customers depend on,” said John Ainsworth, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Application and Data Platform, Progress.

“The partnership between Progress and Software Improvement Group showcases our shared vision of helping organisations build healthy, future-fit software that supports the business of tomorrow,” said Bart Fehmers, CEO of Software Improvement Group. “The integration of Progress’ industry-leading OpenEdge platform with SIG’s renowned software assurance platform, Sigrid, sets a new standard for software health management and application modernisation in the market.”

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