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Let’s increase brand loyalty this Xmas

For two in five Australians, a positive experience this Christmas will increase their loyalty to a retailer long-term, according to research released by Zendesk at the end of November. The national survey of 1,000 respondents found that a positive customer experience with a retailer during the festive season will yield long-term customer loyalty (41%) and impact customers’ desire to buy more items from a retailer (34%).

Retailers have a unique opportunity to increase purchases from customers following the 2020 Federal Budget announcement, where all respondents polled plan to at least spend their tax relief. More than a third of the survey respondents (35%) plan to take advantage of the government’s recently introduced one-off tax relief this year by spending with retailers. Top on their shopping lists include buying presents for others (43%), food and beverage items (42%), and clothing (41%).

“This year’s peak season offers an opportunity for retailers to win over customers with exceptional customer experience and in turn, help grow their business and nurture long-term customer loyalty. From our recent research, we found that customers look to retailers for a positive customer experience, with almost a third noting customer service is even more important this time of the year than any other periods given the stress caused by the pandemic and the Christmas rush,” said Amy Foo, Managing Director, Zendesk Australia and New Zealand.

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