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Konica Minolta Australia launches new insight hub

Konica Minolta Australia has launched its new insight hub, aimed at delivering one unified customer experience for clients to move beyond print and engage with Konica Minolta as a partner for managed information technology (IT) services.

Konica Minolta’s insight hub, developed locally, is designed to help clients become more data-centric, starting with their devices. The new platform supports two-way communication with full visibility of the status of IT service tickets and tracking for technology dispatch or maintenance. Achieved through an application programming interface (API) that is integrated into a client’s IT service management (ITSM) system and whitelisted, it ensures Konica Minolta’s service level agreements (SLAs) start at the same time. Tickets are raised in one application through the client’s ITSM, effectively eliminating double handling of tickets, accelerating time to resolution, and streamlining support and operations.

Ted Garner, chief strategy officer, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Konica Minolta is known for its premium brand and best-in-industry customer service. Clients work with us for a reason, and we want to continue to add value to our partnerships. The launch of the insight hub is based on the culmination of customers’ print and IT challenges along with the demand for data, insights, and services. Konica Minolta’s Insight Hub puts power back in the hands of our clients and lets us collaborate more meaningfully to give shape to their entire transformation journey.”

Konica Minolta’s insight hub is more than just a portal. It offers a real-time, end-to-end digital service with an insights dashboard for better device management, proactive performance managed services, and invoice management for visible orders, delivery, and implementation, with customised dashboards for individual personas to match their experience to the information they need. The Insight Hub is not locked to individual licences, ensuring users can access it with no restriction in terms of the number of users and is invoiced on an account-based fee.

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