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Intuit Mailchimp expands its presence in Australia to support local busineses

Intuit Mailchimp, a well-known player in the email and marketing automation space, is charting a course for rapid growth in 2024. Their strategy hinges on leveraging AI for hyper-personalisation and adopting a customer-centric approach tailored to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

With a thriving SMB ecosystem and a digitally savvy population, Australia presents a fertile ground for email marketing solutions.  As such, Australia is a strategic growth market for Intuit Mailchimp, according to Adam Anger, Intuit Mailchimp’s Chief Sales Officer and Head of International, “Many forget, but email remains the primary marketing channel. 87% of marketing leaders globally consider it crucial to their success. Australia stands out with one of the highest email volumes per person in the world”.

Australia, like many places, faces rising costs and dwindling consumer confidence. Marketers need to be more efficient. Email marketing boasts the highest ROI, making it a perfect fit for this “do more with less” environment. Anger says, “Our top priority is to leverage our leading position in email marketing automation to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with personalised marketing at scale”.

“To achieve this more effectively, we’re significantly expanding our presence in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market. While we have a substantial existing customer base in ANZ, we haven’t dedicated enough resources to directly support their growth. Therefore, we’re doubling down on our commitment by establishing a dedicated Mailchimp team based in Sydney. This team will focus solely on supporting both our existing ANZ customers and attracting new businesses interested in our platform”.

Intuit Assist for Mailchimp and AI powered personalisation

In 2023, Intuit Mailchimp introduced Intuit Assist, an AI powered toolkit designed to help small businesses and marketers personalise their marketing at scale and create their campaigns based on their brand’s identity and market intent.

Anger highlights, “Intuit Assist is already integrated into Mailchimp, offering features like AI-powered email drafting and subject line generation. By analysing billions of emails sent through Mailchimp, Intuit Assist recommends subject lines likely to achieve the best open and click-through rates, considering the marketer’s goals and target audience”.

“Many businesses struggle to find digitally skilled employees who can leverage new technologies like AI. Intuit Assists bridges this gap, offering powerful tools without needing an expert on staff”.

Traditional media is in flux, and social media faces data privacy concerns, according to Anger. “With the potential cookie deprecation looming, owning your audience becomes vital. Email marketing platforms, with their focus on building your own email list, empower you to do just that”.

In short, email marketing still offers a powerful and cost-effective way to reach customers directly in a landscape where traditional channels are changing. This makes it no surprise that email automation platforms like Intuit Mailchimp are leading the charge in Australia’s thriving email marketing scene.

We can expect to see Mailchimp invest in local initiatives, potentially including partnerships with marketing agencies, educational resources specific to Australian marketing trends, and tailored pricing plans for SMBs.

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