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Australian consumers want experiences that make them feel empowered in 2021

During 2020 Australians have faced isolation, financial insecurity, as well as anxiety over their physical wellbeing and the wellbeing of friends and family. It was a tough time. In 2021, however Australian consumers are looking forward to experiences that make them feel empowered, according to Sprout Strategy’s latest Annual Mood of Australia Research.

Every year Sprout Strategy conducts research into what Australians will be feeling in the coming year and how that will impact their behaviour as consumers. For 2021, as the country emerges out of lockdown and the impacts wrought by the pandemic, Australians will want to feel empowered. Elisa Adams, CEO of Sprout Strategy, comments, “In 2021, brands that can leverage Australians’ need to feel more empowered, will earn the loyalty of their customers and elevate their marketing messages above those of their competitors.”

“Striving for empowerment involves wanting to feel capable and competent in the face of the unknown. That means providing people with customer experiences and marketing messages that helps them gain control over aspects of their lives and gives them feelings of strength and empowerment.”

In 2021, CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) and CCOs (Chief Customer Officers) have the opportunity to leverage Australians’ need to feel more empowered. Adams explains, “Empowerment messages are particularly effective at times of new or unfamiliar life circumstances – and that has certainly never been more pertinent as we move forward into recovery from both the pandemic itself and the economic fallout”.

The Annual Mood of Australia Research was set up in 2014. Released towards the end of every year, the research is a barometer of the mood and sentiment of Australians for the coming year. Through implicit research techniques, the research aims to reveal the core motivational needs that underpin the economic behaviour of Australians and why we buy what we buy.

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