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Some great Aussie CX innovations may take the world by storm

In recent years a number of unique CX innovations have been produced in Australia. Almost all are being developed by small companies led by passionate entrepreneurs trying to solve a customer experience problem that has frustrated them for years. Our local innovations are impressive but many lack the necessary capital and marketing clout for wide adoption.

Most are all based on leveraging data and information in a way that is vastly different from today, be it from existing systems, IOT devices, external sources or other internal sources. Most of these innovations are focused on automation, analytics and improving engagement. They are focused on delivering value in three key areas:

  • Better experience to customers at a dramatically lower cost to serve
  • Greater agility for organisations to drive rapid change
  • Unlocking revenue opportunities through data and insights

One such company is Auraya Systems (http://aurayasystems.com). Based in Sydney Auraya is leading the world in voice biometrics. Auraya’s technology allows customers to be identified by their voice

Their platform and apps allows a customer to be identified by their voice rather than manual authentication where the customer is repeatedly asked the same common questions. A recent study found that real customers can only answer 60% of the normal questions asked. Identity thieves can answer over 80%. Voice biometrics can greatly improve the level of security while adding simplicity to the customer experience. Less time spent asking customers questions reduces costs for the organisation.

BestTime http://besttime-callcenter.com/

Today to find out how long someone has to wait in a call centre queue a customer has to call the queue.  Call backs often make the problem worse.  With BestTime the customer can see on their phone how long the wait is and ask it to remind them when the wait is less than X amount of minutes. This very useful innovation can save customers a ton of time waiting in queues.

CR-X http://www.cr-x.com/

CR-X is a Melbourne based company offering significant advances in call quality monitoring and customer analytics. Most companies today only monitor and coach 5-10% of calls coming into their contact centres. It’s a very people heavy process and to do more becomes prohibitively expensive. CR-X’s technology allows every call to the contact centre to be monitored and assessed. A better understanding of how every call is handled can provide significant insight into the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

The Working Octopus http://www.theworkingoctopus.com.

The more calls you can shift your contact centre to a self-service app via the web the greater level of service you can offer at a reduced cost. The Working Octopus, based in Melbourne, is a small company that has developed a range of applications and consulting services that help organisations create self service digital experiences.

Digital self-service keeps low value, high volume transactions out of the contact centre, it also improves the customer experience by offering them a simple, fast and easy way to get the information that they need.

These are just some of the Australian innovators starting to make waves. Their biggest issue is most are small and have limited capital for marketing.  They are, unintentionally, well kept secrets.

They have a significant role to play but it’s lack of awareness that prevents their consideration.  As an industry we need to support and celebrate these small innovators.  The industry has a role to play in exploring and exposing the tens if not hundreds of companies in Australia doing all manner of amazing innovations.

Chris Luxford

As an experienced management consultant focused on Go-To-Customer innovation and the evolving need to delight the customer, Chris loves change and helping organisations change to create real innovation and differentiation and deliver their strategic goals.