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Welcome to the greatest show in town – The Customer Show 2023

The Customer Show Sydney 2023 will start in a couple of days. It is the biggest CX event in Australia, expected to attract thousands of visitors and delegates over two days of presentations, networking events and an exhibition. Mark Atterby, CXFocus editor caught up with event coordinator Sarah Green from IQPC about the show and what it aims to achieve.

Mark Atterby (MA): With the Sydney Customer Show, what are you trying to achieve for the CX industry in Australia?

Sarah Green from IQPC

Sarah Green (SG): The Customer Show Sydney aims to revolutionise the CX industry in Australia by providing a platform that unifies professionals from various departments such as CX, Marketing, Digital, and Service. The event’s uniqueness lies in its comprehensive approach, ensuring that all facets of these departments are seamlessly integrated, leading to seamless, memorable and exceptional CX.

(MA): What are the topics and trends that will be discussed?

(SG): The event will delve into a wide range of topics and trends that are crucial to the evolving CX landscape. Participants can expect discussions on subjects such as harnessing generative AI value in CX, driving a commercially successful CX strategy and culture, optimising digital channels for customer engagement and retention, harnessing the Voice of the Customer, re-defining the contact centre channel experience,….anything to do with engaging, acquiring, retaining and innovating for the customer, The Customer Show has got it covered

(MA): Why and how did you choose the speakers presenting at the event?

(SG): The event sees a curated lineup of over 90 expert speakers who have been meticulously selected for their expertise and experience in the field, with a particular focus on results achieved for large, B2C Australian and international brands. Each speaker has been handpicked to ensure attendees are provided with valuable insights and innovative perspectives they’ve gained through direct involvements in transformation/innovation efforts at their organisations! Moreover, the focus is on involving people writing the strategy/business cases for change to ensure attendees can learn from visionaries in the sector.

(MA):What new products, services or innovations will be showcased at the event?

(SG): The Customer Show Sydney is dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements, products, and services that are shaping the CX industry. This year we’ll be seeing a mix of 40+ capabilities across contact centre platforms, digital marketing solutions, customer insights and analytics tools, CRM platforms, speech recognition, NLP, chatbot providers, digital experience development and more. 

(SG): What makes it unique compared to other events?

(SG): What sets The Customer Show apart from other events is its comprehensive and inclusive approach. By uniting professionals from all departments, we’re able to create a holistic understanding of CX that leads to seamless & impactful interactions. The decision to offer the event for free means we’re able to drive positive CX transformation without budget constraints, enabling a wider audience to benefit from the insights and networking opportunities.

(MA): How much time is allocated to networking opportunities for delegates and sponsors?

(SG): At the Customer Show Sydney, we want to prioritise networking opportunities to foster meaningful connections among attendees & exhibitors. Throughout the event, dedicated time slots are allocated for participants to engage in valuable discussions, share insights and build collaborative relationships. This ensures an interactive atmosphere that enhances the overall event experience.

Sarah and the rest of the team from IQPC will be available over the two days to assist delegates and exhibitors.


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