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Understanding the role managers play in job satisfaction

New research from Robert Walter has revealed that 93% of employees admit their manager contributes a great deal to their happiness at work. With only 2% stating their manager doesn’t contribute to their job satisfaction at all. Starting a new job can be a daunting time, but entering a new workplace in a senior leadership position comes with even more pressures and stresses. 

Shay Peters, CEO at Robert Walters Australia and New Zealand said, “Throughout our experience in recruiting senior candidates, one prevailing theme emerges: the perceived pressure upon entering a business as a senior professional. While entry-level candidates may not face the same level of complexity during their transitions.” 

Further research by the recruitment experts revealed which aspects make a good leader. 45% of professionals stated empathy and emotional intelligence as the main characteristic of a good leader. 30% of people said the most important characteristic of a good leader is being inspirational and motivational, with a further 23% saying strong communication is the main characteristic. 

Research has shown that the first 90 days in a senior leadership position can significantly impact your long-term success. So how do you prepare for those imperative first 90 days? The experts at Robert Walters have shared the top 3 things you need to do to make those first three months count.  

40% of people said building relationships is the key thing they focus on when trying to establish credibility in a senior role. Building strong and positive relationships with your team is crucial for your success as a leader. The first 90 days are imperative to building your relationship with your team.  

Peters said, “make sure your first team meeting is not all business, it’s an opportunity to showcase your leadership style and build a positive first impression with your team. You should put relationships before tasks in the first 90 days as a senior leader. You’ll need to learn how to effectively engage with team members, understand their strengths and aspirations, and create an environment that promotes teamwork and high performance before you can expect to succeed. Business is always personal, invest in relationships early on to help build future success.”  

Building credibility is essential for gaining the trust and respect of your team. One of the biggest challenges you may face when starting a new senior leadership role is building credibility with a new team and business.   Peters added, “Although it may be a challenging task, ensuring you build credibility within the first 90 days of your new role will help build trust with your team and enable you to be seen as a vital asset to the business from the get-go. By establishing credibility, you’ll create a positive and motivating work environment that encourages high performance and loyalty.” 

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