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The Future of Digital Customer Experience

Staying ahead of the key trends that are shaping the future of digital customer experience is critical for organisations who want to thrive in the digital economy. These trends were discussed at a recent virtual event run by Group Futurista that brought together CX and digital leaders from across the global.

Possibly the most important trend examined at the event is the need for brands to provide personalised user and shopper experiences. Customers don’t just want a personalised online shopping experience, they expect it. Richard Hurst, Communications Business Partner and host of the event, comments, “According to a report by Internet Retailing 69 percent of customers said they needed a personalised experience. However, less than 50% of brands say they are able to deliver it. Brands need to become proactive in using customer data.”

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the shift to all things digital for businesses and their customers. As a result, the need to enhance the customer experience over multiple channels 24 x 7 is far prominent than it has been in the past. Customers expect the same level of consistent service across every channel they use to interact with a brand.

Consistent multi-channel or omni-channel customer experience has been an elusive goal for some years now. To have any chance of success requires a change in the mindset of the organisation to become ‘customer centric’. The ability to make this transition to provide a true multi-channel experience to customers was a major topic of the conference and was touched on by most of the presenters.

Most CX managers find proving the value the CX program contributes to the business a significant challenge. CX managers and executives can speak a different language. In the keynote presentation by Martin Lange, former direct of Client Experience Strategy BNY Mellon, Martin explained how to build a CX capability into an organisation that allows it to deliver its strategic goals.

In discussing these and other topics, attendees listened to the following keynote speakers: Attendees heard from people like:

  • John Leighton, head of customer service, easyJet
  • Phani Korasala, director of merchandising strategy and technology, Walmart International
  • Sri Muramala, head of user experience and technology, Sanofi
  • Brian Powers, chief customer experience officer, Brightstar

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