MATE uses AI to drive growth

MATE, founded in 2016, has shaken up the Australian telecommunications industry with its focus on simplicity, value, and exceptional customer service. The company’s commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs has fueled its impressive year-on-year growth, propelling it to become Australia’s largest independent telco.

Mate leverages an AI-powered decision intelligence platform from SourseAI, to unlock insights and understanding of their customer needs and behaviours. They then leverage this understanding to building trust, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth.Mark Fazio, Co-CEO at MATE, comments “Our secret weapon? Understanding our customers. We leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure every decision we make aligns with their needs. This is how we stay ahead of the curve and future-proof our business”.

“Focusing on the customer has been the driving force behind our sustained growth. With a deep understanding of what motivates our customers, we can develop successful loyalty strategies that keep them with us for the long haul”, adds Fazio.

The platform gathers a vast amount of information from various sources. Internal data from CRM systems, call centres, website analytics paint a clear picture of customer interactions. External data sources like market research, seasonal trends, and media spend provide a broader context. Advanced AI algorithms analyse this data, transforming it into insights MATE can action within their business.

Hyper-Personalisation: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

This data-driven approach grants MATE a comprehensive view of their customers’ needs and sentiment throughout the sales journey. Armed with these insights, the MATE team can tailor offers, bundles, and incentives for each customer on an individual basis. Imagine a customer who frequently uses music streaming services. MATE can use this information to offer them a complimentary subscription to a service like TIDAL during contract renewal.

Measurable Success: Growth and Reduced Churn

MATE’s understanding their customers on a granular level has been instrumental in achieving sustainable growth and overall business value. This data-driven approach has led to increased adoption of bundled services and a significant reduction in customer churn year-over-year.Tanya Hyams-Young, CEO and co-founder of SourseAI, advises, “Australian businesses are losing billions annually due to inadequate customer service. AI empowers companies to become truly customer-centric, leveraging data-driven decisions to boost loyalty and achieve growth. Telcos hold a treasure trove of valuable data, but many struggle to extract actionable insights. This often leads to shallow customer understanding and strategies based on intuition or past performance. The speed and depth of insights MATE can glean through AI simply wouldn’t be possible without it. Previously, these tools were only accessible to major brands with immense resources for in-house development. Our off-the-shelf solution provides MATE with a significant strategic advantage. They can conduct deep dives into their customer base and formulate business and customer strategies based on science and data. Moreover, they can confidently predict the performance of these strategies using AI-powered models and forecasts.

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