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Eden Exchange selects SugarCRM for its deal-making platform

Eden Exchange, an Australian company with partnerships across Asia Pacific, India, and the Philippines, offers an all-in-one DealXchange platform that seamlessly connects business experts with buyers, sellers, franchisors, and brokers, reshaping the landscape of business transactions. Its online ecosystem and extensive network with expertise in business sales enables successful transactions for more than 100,000 buyers, sellers, brokers, franchisors, and advisors.

Eden Exchange has integrated Sugar Sell within its DealXchange platform to surface relevant data and automate processes throughout the entire deal cycle for improved client experiences. Sugar templates provide the ability to customise processes to meet the needs of hundreds to thousands of clients.

Sugar’s built-in automation has saved Eden Exchange countless hours setting up and monitoring workflows. Via Sugar’s renowned extensibility, Eden Exchange can easily integrate third-party applications such as Zapier.

“Sugar is critical to our platform because of the number of workflows it drives and the big data it houses,” said Dhanush Ganglani, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Eden Exchange. “All of this plays an important role in what we do for our clients and has a direct impact on our ability to deliver.”

“With Sugar, the ability to automate tasks and use process definitions has allowed us to streamline what were previously highly manual tasks and save our team a great deal of time and effort,” added Isabel Dias, Chief of Marketing and Operations at Eden Exchange.

“Eden Exchange plays an integral role in guiding clients through each step of a business transaction, from lead and deal origination to preparation and transaction. With Sugar, Eden Exchange has increased its own sales and business efficiencies in an easy-to-use environment and extended the many benefits of AI-driven sales automation to its clientele,” said Adam Frank, SugarCRM’s Vice President and General Manager, APAC. 

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