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67 percent of passengers view service from airlines negatively

Passengers are dissatisfied with customer service in the airline industry, according to study from Clootrack, with 67% of 14K passenger reviews for ‘customer service’ being negative. Complaints include long wait times, unhelpful chat lines, and lack of communication from complaints departments.

Using 27K passenger reviews from 12 global airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines, highlighted the delighters and significant concerns raised by passengers. 

In-flight experience is a major concern for economy class passengers, with 84% of them reporting a negative experience compared to only 60% negativity from business class passengers. Airlines need to analyse passenger data to improve the morale of all passengers, not just those in business class.

The study highlights the importance of offering a seamless experience for passengers to improve loyalty, including excellent customer service, booking experience, refunds, lounge, boarding, and in-flight experience.

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