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Leading trends for Digital Experience in 2020

Leading trends for Digital Experience in 2020

The range of digital touchpoints available for customers continues to expand. Brands must learn how to create engaging experiences at each touchpoint and combine these touchpoints into a compelling and cohesive experience of the brand. Gartner has just released a report that highlights the leading trends for 2020 in terms of digital experience.

One key trend the Gartner report focuses on is ‘multiexperience’.  Enterprises recognise customer experience success via digital touchpoints is dependent on a user experience (UX) that closely aligns technology with the digital journey customers take to attain a goal. The challenge, however is the rapid proliferation of digital touchpoints and the increasing complexity around UX.

New devices and modes of interact from natural language based chat and to 3D or virtual environments co-exist with web browser and mobile apps. Customers can choose any combination of these touchpoints along their journey. As well as producing the best experience possible at each touchpoint, competitive differentiation can only be achieved by orchestrating a compelling UX across all touchpoints.

Another important trend highlighted by the report is ‘inclusive design’. Originating as an approach to design for people with special needs and disabilities, the concept has broaden to accommodate cultural sensitivities and behavioural patterns. Designers view their concepts and efforts through the lens of their own experience – leading to bias by exclusion. The potential users of a business’s products and services may fall into numerous subgroups with very differing needs to be able to access those products and services.

UX and solution designers must use data and design methodologies that eliminate the potential of bias and produce designs that reflect the needs, values and behaviours of all targeted customer segments.

For other highlights and recommendations please download the report.

Mark Atterby

Mark Atterby has 18 years media, publishing and content marketing experience.