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Five tips to obtaining qualitative customer feedback

You get the best insight into your business from your customers. They’re the ones who are experiencing everything firsthand. Your clients use your website, speak with your employees, and use your products.

Feedback is an essential part of any business because it improves your customer’s experience, refines marketing strategies, and can help predict the future of your business. So, how do you get your voice of customer information?

We’re going to tell you five of the best ways to get customer feedback:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Surveys are a straightforward process used to obtain direct customer feedback for years, but it only delivers answers to the questions you asked at best. You could create surveys about whatever you want to know from your clients but not your competitor’s customers.

The number of surveys has grown over the past decade, especially as businesses began embracing customer-centric and data-driven approaches. Unfortunately, they have been overused, where companies have pushed customers into survey fatigue.

Long-format surveys are dying a slow but sure death. With surveys shorter is better. Customers do not have the patience or will not take the time to fill out a lengthy, laborious survey that often doesn’t clearly amount to any change.

Over the last two decades, NPS has become the go to customer metric for many organisations. A net promoter score survey is a simple one that doesn’t require much effort. You ask questions that start with “How likely are you to…” and then the customers rate it from 1 to 10. Another type of survey is customer satisfaction. These ask how good a company is doing by rating different factors. Your clients will score those aspects from very satisfied to very unsatisfied.

If you want to focus on how well your items are and check-out where experience meets customer’s standards, you can conduct a product development or post-purchase survey. You can also add a section where customers can write in additional comments.

In order to attract people to complete the survey, you could offer a discount once done. NPS’s popularity is due to the fact that it is an easy question to ask as well as being a somewhat easy metric to analyse – how likely are you to recommend us?The problem, however, is that it has huge limitations when assessing the sentiment and opinion of all your customers as it only assesses one customer interaction from a limited range of customers over a given period of time. And like CSAT and CES scores, NPS lacks the ability to fully identify the driving factor’s behind customers’ responses or predict their future purchasing behaviour.

Use social media

You can get a lot of information from how people interact with your social media accounts. You can read the comments people are leaving. If you see a conflict come up frequently, you’ll be able to address it right on the platform.

88% of clients rely on online reviews to determine a product/service or business’s overall quality. It would be best if you strived to have as many honest, positive reviews as possible on all platforms, especially social media.

Also, you can tell if reaching your clients through social media is better than other methods. This will improve their experience with your business because when they can get information quickly, they’ll be happier.

Another feature that’s a good indicator if your followers enjoy your content and company online is sharing, like, and viewing your pages and posts.

Make sure they read your emails

Many people check their emails every day, some even while still in their beds. This is an effective way to reach out to people. You should make sure your emails are as personal as they can be.

Always address your clients by their name and have a person, not a machine, write the email. You could ask them directly how they feel about your company and their experience. If it’s easier for you, you can add a survey into the email also.

Utilise a live chat

People want everything fast these days, and this also includes customer service. 44% of clients want to support companies that are proactive with their live chat. You could help customers this way, and also ask for feedback.

You should have your live chat pop up on the client’s screens as soon as they click on your website. This will ensure that they know exactly where to go if there are problems. After you solve their issues, you can ask them how they found your service.

Ask them directly

In a world where everything’s online, there’s nothing wrong with some face to face conversations. When possible, ask your clients how they feel about your company and how to improve. Your customers will respect that you’re taking the time to talk with them and value their opinion.

When clients trust you, they’re more likely to stay shopping with you. Also, creating that personal connection will build loyalty. People want to feel appreciated, and this is the best way to show you care.

The bottom line

However, you want to get customer feedback. It’s an essential part of growing your business. There will always be areas that need improvement, and clients are the best way to find out firsthand what the issues are.

To get client feedback, you can conduct surveys, use social media, email them, utilise live chat rooms, or ask them directly.

Efrat Vulfsons

Efrat Vulfsons is the CEO of PR Soprano and a publicist, parallel to her soprano opera singing career. Efrat holds a B.F.A from the Jerusalem Music Academy in Opera Performance.