Editorial Calendar – Feature Schedule for 2023

Below is a list of feature articles CXFocus has planned for 2023. Do you have something to say or want contribute to any of these articles please contact editorial@cxfocus.com.au. We also accept opinion editorials on a range of industry topics.

August 2023

  • Engage your customers early in their journey with a great content experience!
  • How Knowledge Management (KM) elevates CX and self-service
  • Using your loyalty program to deliver highly personalised experiences
  • The power of emotional CX: creating lasting impressions

September 2023

  • The evolving role of Chief Customer Officers in driving business growth
  • The Intersection of CX and digital transformation: Strategies for Success
  • Design Thinking for CX Innovation: Putting customers at the heart of product development
  • CX Strategies for E-commerce: Enhancing online shopping experiences

October 2023

  • Navigating data privacy and security in CX
  • Top strategies for building customer loyalty
  • CX and Revenue Growth: How Customer Experience Impacts the Bottom Line
  • Next-Generation VoC: Innovations and Trends in Customer Feedback Management

November 2023

  • Real-Time VoC Feedback: The Benefits of Instant Customer Insights
  • Predictive Analytics in CX: Harnessing data to anticipate customer needs
  • The role of gamification in loyalty marketing and customer engagement
  • AI-driven customer journey mapping: Understanding customer touchpoints

December 2023

  • Top trends and predictions for 2024
  • Creating effective VoC surveys: Best practices for design and implementation
  • The ethics of AI in CX: Balancing automation with human touch
  • Using predictive AI in customer churn reduction

January 2024

  • Humanising CX in a digital world
  • Lessons from disruptive companies redefining customer experience
  • The CEO as CX Champion: Putting customers first across the organisation
  • CX Agility: Adapting to changing customer needs and market dynamics

Topics for opinion editorials

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Employee experience
  • AI, Robots and Machine learning
  • Customer service and success
  • Marketing and brand experience
  • CRM Tools & Strategy.
  • Customer data, analytics and insights
  • Contact centres & channel management
  • e-Commerce
  • Digital transformation and change management
  • Customer experience design & strategy