Customers do not think in terms of channels

They expect a connected customer journey

You may have heard frustrated customers ask:

  • Why do I have to remember my booking or confirmation number?
  • Why don’t you already know what the last agent told me?
  • Why can I do some transactions online, but not others?
  • Why do I have to give you the same information I just entered into the IVR?
  • Why can’t you help me (in this channel)?

Customers become frustrated when there isn’t a seamless handoff from one channel to the next or when they feel like they are being forced to change channels.  A disconnected journey leaves the customer with a fractured and frustrating experience.

Organisations who can provide customers with a connected journey will be rewarded with greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduced costs in handling enquiries, improved brand reputation, increases in referrals and improved sales margins.

CXFocus interviewed a range of CX leaders from a variety of industries on the need to create connected customer journeys.