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APAC business leaders have the chance to lead the global digital economy

If the past three years taught us anything, it is that if you can’t unlock customer preferences and create value for them, your digital experiences will not hit the mark.

To attract and retain loyal customers, digital leaders across Asia Pacific (APAC) must ramp up their digital capabilities. With new customer journeys, ever-changing digital preferences, and macroeconomic headwinds, we can be sure that market dynamics will continue to be challenging.

However, investing astutely for future gains is part of shaking off the recent short-term mindset that 73% of senior leaders globally admit to. It’s a turning point for long-term strategies sacrificed for short-term, fleeting wins.

Adobe’s new APAC Digital Trends 2023 Report highlights that executives across APAC who are prioritising their technology budgets to keep pace with customer expectations can expect to be set up for success.

Create a content supply chain

Across APAC, the research highlighted a digital experience divide, with only 8% of organisations offering exceptional customer digital experiences.

This presents an opportunity for APAC businesses to move up the curve by enhancing each step of the content supply chain and keeping customer needs at the forefront. That is, having a well-oiled production machine to create, distribute, and deliver content and, importantly, the technology to ensure personalised and scalable experiences.

With 80% of executives saying that the need for customer content has significantly increased over the past year, the time is now to ensure you have the workflow and content strategies to win. A well-executed content supply chain will set you apart.

Building customer trust

As requirements for data transparency & purchasing behaviours continue to fuel brand marketing, customer expectations are set high for business leaders to honour this exchange with meaningful experiences underpinned by individualisation and trust. 

Over 70% of APAC consumers say they’re more likely to trust brands that use technology to deliver personalised experiences; this element of the digital economy has magnified the need for deep respect for customer preferences and the ability to meet changing expectations.

Brands must deliver exceptional digital experiences while safeguarding their customers’ data. By doing so, trust will increase, hand in hand with customer loyalty and will make sure customers keep coming back for more.

Personalisation at scale

Personalisation is the key to ensuring a brand meets and exceeds its customers’ expectations.

However, only 22% of APAC businesses say they can accurately personalise the customer experience based on who their customers are and what they purchase. And only around half of APAC organisations have access to real-time customer data at an individual level, suggesting many are missing the opportunity to power personalised experience.

This customer-centricity is what separates leading digital experiences. Moreover, it’s a pathway to building consumer trust, a fundamental expectation of digital customer experiences. With two in three APAC consumers saying they’ll stop buying from a brand permanently if their trust is broken, the stakes are high.

The Digital Trends research confirms that APAC organisations have an immense opportunity to build superior data, personalisation, and content workflow capabilities to earn the trust of their customers with every brand interaction.

As APAC continues to lead the globe in mobile users and the adoption of digital payments, those who win in digital experiences here in the region will be in the driver’s seat of the world’s digital economy growth engine. The time is now!

Duncan Egan

Vice President of Marketing APAC, at Adobe.