CX Innovation Webinars

In recent years a number of unique CX innovations have emerged. Almost all have been developed by passionate entrepreneurs trying to solve a customer experience problem that has frustrated them and others for years. Most are based on leveraging technology, data and information in a way that is vastly different from today

This webinar series takes a look at these key innovations and the potential they offer to solve a range of CX problems..

  • Discover new ways to reduce costs while enhancing the customer experience
  • Solve critical customer experience problems affecting your business
  • Learn how to implement these innovations into your organisation

Do you have an innovation that could take the world by storm?

Being part of the CX Innovation and Leadership Webinar series is the perfect vehicle to get your message out there! We can bring to you, senior CX Leaders from organisations around Australia. We can also offer a range of complementary advertising, sale and marketing services to take your innovation to market.

If you would like to sponsor or have an innovation that you would like to see presented please contact Mark Atterby from CXFocus Magazine or Anita Bowtell from Interact Melbourne.

How do we get them to your webinar?

  • Email Invites to the combined contact lists of CXFocus and Interact Melbourne.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising on Linkedin and Google
  • Social Media campaigns via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Articles/Blog posts relating to the topic distributed via CXFocus
  • Banner advertising on CXFocus Magazine
  • Including on event listings on CXFocus Website and related website forums
  • Note: Your brand will appear on all marketing collateral relating to the event.

Webinar format

  • 5 Minute introduction and overview
  • 18 Minute TED style presentation on innovation, the problems it solves and how it can be implemented
  • 8 Minutes of independent industry commentary
  • 10 Minutes of facilitated Q & A
  • Close

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