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Our People

Mark Atterby Editor/Publisher: Mark Atterby
Email: mark@p2pmedia.org.
margot cairnes Executive Editor/Contributor: Margot Cairnes

Our Aims

To establish an independent publication and a community of interest around Customer Experience, Digital Disruption, Innovation and Collaboration.

How will automation, the Internet of Things (Iot), social media and so on impact our businesses, our lives and our futures?

If your have story you think is interesting and would like to share please email Mark@p2pmedia.org. 

We welcome stories or story ideas on any of the following topic areas;

  • Digital: disruption, strategy, social media, and marketing
  • Customer Experience: CRM, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty
  • Human Resources: cultural change, employee engagement
  • Analytics: big data, customer analytics, and marketing analytics
  • Management: leadership, team building
  • Technology: Cloud, IoT, automation, web, contact centre

Guidelines for articles are:

  • Articles to be 500 – 600 words in length
  • If you can provide a supporting image preferably png with width of 960px.
  • Background to author and company

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