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Helping your customers to succeed

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Ensuring your customers receive maximum value and enjoyment out of the products you sell them will enhance their overall experience and loyalty to your brand. The term ‘Customer Success’ has emerged to cover a range of strategies and management practices that ensure a customer has success with a brand’s products.

Along with ‘Customer Experience’, ‘Customer Success’ has become increasingly popular over recent years. Companies realise that the real value behind the products they sell, is not determined purely by the features of those products, but in their ability to allow a customer to achieve a goal or an objective.

The easier and quicker a customer can engage with a product and achieve their goal greater is the success that customer experiences. “There are certain products that seem to have higher levels of frustration or need for customer support. The goal of a customer success program is to ensure that the customer has success with the company’s products”. From Forbes Magazine.

Customer Success (CS) aims to eliminate the level of frustration or the need for customer support when the customer buys a new product. It’s also about ensuring extracting maximum use and value for the entire lifetime of the product. Greater success means a better experience for the customer. The payback for the organisation is revenue from repeat and referral business, lower cost of customer acquisition and lower ongoing support costs.

Not applicable to all products and services, but certainly to more complex and technical products such as computer software, Customer Success Management requires the integration of marketing, sales, professional services, training and support.

It also requires a thorough understanding of one’s customers and products and the likely problems or roadblocks customers are likely to encounter.

It’s then a question of designing solutions and processes to remove those roadblocks from the customer’s journey. This can take many forms such as additional help after their initial purchase, access to information, interactive videos and online training resources. You need to understand your customers goals with your product and make it as easy as possible for them to achieve their objectives as quickly as possible.

Customer Success versus Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) broadly refers to the customer’s experience before, during and after purchasing and using a product. Customer Success (CS) exclusively focuses on the period after the buying experience and their use of a product or service. CS helps informs and broadens the organisation’s understanding of the customer experience.

CS is a facet of the overall customer experience. If customers achieve great success and value from your products with minimal downtime, frustration or issues enhances their overall experience with your brand.

CS is a new and evolving function: it’s methodologies and what constitutes best practice is in a relative state of flux. The function is commonly deployed by companies selling software particularly vendors of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. Customers who quickly engage and are successful with a brand’s products are less likely to churn .

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